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About Us

Myoungga Kim has been concentrating on laver business with craftsmanship ever since its establishment at 1968.

We are the laver special company had developed seasoned laver for the first time in Korea, and received 5millon dollar top in 1999 with laver exporting, and in 2002 we have received world's first class product certification from government.

In 1990, we relocated to our own factory at Julpo industrial complex of rural areas in Muan-gun, Jeonbuk which is the laver producing center, and to secure the health of our customers with healthy food, we have inducted most advanced equipments along with ISO9001 and HACCP.

We are located at about 3km away toward Buan from Julpo IC of the West Coast Expressway.

All the members at Myoungga Kim will always do our best to be the enterprise that exist for customers with safety food along with the best product and credit, and we will strengthens the services at the side of customers.

We will offer plentiful of newest news on laver information on our homepage of "Myounga Kim"

We promise that we will do our best to create plentiful life for future and health of our customers with the best present of nature 'laver'

Please, keep 'Myoungga Kim' homepage address at your 'favor', and stop by now and then to guide us with continuous love and concern.


Dec 10 1968 Established Sam Hae Commercial with Representative Kim Kwang Jung
Established Sam Hae Kim Co., Ltd., with Representative
May 22 1982 Kim Kwang Jung For the first time, developed Korean style seasoned laver
Dec 19 1986 Industrial Package Prize awarded (No. 1765)
Jan 01 1988 Representative Lee Eung Pyo inaugurated
Jun 20 1991 Buan factory completed its construction
Oct 21 1991 Main office building completed its construction (112-14 Garak-dong)
Jan 25 1994 Jeonbuk Farm-Product Export Prize, Silver medal awarded
Feb 21 1997 Excellent business - Awarded prize from the chief of Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business
Nov 30 1997 Received chief of Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy award (34th trade day)
Nov 30 1998 Received chief of Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy award (35th trade day)
May 24 1999 Received chief of Small and Medium Business Association award (11th Small-Medium Business Week)
Dec 01 1999 Received KITA “5million dollar export top”
Dec 09 1999 Obtained “quality” mark
Apr 23 2001 2000 Jeonbuk merit of export contributing award
Feb 22 2002 Selected as the world’s first class product (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
Dec 01 2002 Began operating Buan 2nd factory
Mar 10 2003 Obtained ISO 9001 certification
May 30 2003 Awarded bronze industrial medal
Mar 17 2004 Awarded the prize by the Director of Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
Nov 11 2004 Awarded the prize by the Director of Small and Medium Business Administration
Dec 10 2005 Representative Kim Duk Sul inaugurated
Jun 17 2005 Obtained ISO 22000 certification


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